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Companies worldwide trust our mass spectrometer software.

Several hundred machines are running around the world and doing a outstanding and reliable job.

Many different industries

We are covering a wide range of applications:
from very slow and highly accurate measuring tasks to extremely fast process control systems.

Automotive industry

Major companies in the automotive industry are using our software to improve their products.
In research and development, inspection, certification and many other areas these companies trust our software.

  • Continuous improvement of combustion engines
  • Alternative fuels, fuel cells
  • Oil consumption and oil dilution
  • Catalysts development
  • Hydrogen measurements
  • ...

  • Environmental applications

    Fast and accurate online monitoring is important to adjust
    process parameters and protect employees and environment.

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Emission and process control
  • Waste processing plants
  • Control of water and soil
  • Workplace control
  • ...

  • Food and Beverages industry

    Quality control - one major issue in the food and beverage industry.
    Mass Spectrometers running our software are successfully installed in this area too.

  • Detection of impurities
  • Final quality control
  • Flavor industry, aroma profiling
  • Quality control in pharmacy industry
  • Biotechnological processes
  • ...

  • Medical applications

    Medical applications are one of the most promising and dynamic fields of the future.
    For example just to diagnose human health by simply analyzing the breath gas is a fascinating concept.

  • Breath gas analysis
  • Differentiation of diseases
  • Peri- and postoperative monitoring
  • Sports medicine
  • Microbiology differentiation and early detection of bacteria
  • ...

  • And so on...

    Several other industries rely on our fast monitoring software for quantitative analysis of various molecules.
    A wide range of companies are already successfully working with our software.

  • Contamination monitoring
  • Glass industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Prevention of fire and explosion
  • Ingredients monitoring
  • ...